Interesting statistic, I heard.

statistics show on average a dissatisfied customer tells 10 people about their bad experience while a happy customer tells only 4.


One Response to “Interesting statistic, I heard.”

  1. phconsulting Says:

    I think this is one of those anedotal statistics that many people mention and often goes uncontested. I am sure that there is scientific or professionally researched evidence that would provide the true statistic (for varying industries or product types).

    I have found that the propensity to complain is also affected by the possible refelction on the persons judgement or perceived level of expertise. If you position yourself as ‘self-proclaimed expert’ or at least suggest that you have thoroughly researched the market before making a purchase decision and then are disappointed it could be seen as a reflection on your poor judgement, which might be a reason to keep quiet about it…

    Alternatively, if you are an ‘uneducated’ buyer and end up disappointed you may feel more inclined to tell others in order to warn them and maybe even gain some sympathy without losing face….just a thought….

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