Details on Prospects from Brian Tracy

Prospecting Power
The definition of a good prospect is “Someone who can and will buy and pay within a reasonable period of time.” Do not waste your precious selling time with nice people who do not have the authority, money, or ability to buy from you. Think continually about your personal income, and always be sure that the person you are talking to can contribute to that income soon enough to justify the time you are investing in him or her.

Qualities of a Good Prospect

  • The prospect has a genuine need that your product/service can fill.
  • The prospect is friendly toward you and have a favorable impression of your company and industry.
  • The prospect is willing and able to make a buying decision in the near future.
  • The prospect is a good potential source of further sales and referrals.

Qualities of Poor Prospects

  • The prospect has no money or need for your product or service.
  • The prospect is critical of you, your company, or your product.
  • The prospect immediately haggles and complains about your price.
  • The prospect is indecisive about purchasing from you or anyone.

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