Friday Nov. 13th 2009

Today is our wedding anniversary, yea!; so Yachiyo and I hope to meet near her work mid afternoon for a pastry and coffee somewhere relaxing and quaint.

Wagman sent a set of leads for construction to be done  in the area, so I’ll be printing and organizing those today… for phone calls between sales calls next week.

I’m planning for next week. Appointments and reservations for a run to San Diego. The current plan is:

Monday: EquipRent (remember he promised me some orders if I came back in a couple weeks, it’ll be a week and a half by then, so I want to catch him before another saleperson walks in the door ahead of me. Probably run out to Hub, and check in with Associated Rentals.

Tuesday: I need to swing by the warehouse, so I can inclujde Juda Builders, Pacific Rentals, Cal Grove Rentals, Arroyo Tools, and Bonners on the route.

Wednesday: work my way down through Orange County to San Diego, probably beginning with Mission Viejo Rentals?

Thursday & Friday: work in San Diego and head home mid afternoon sometime.


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